Tues 1/28 @ 2:47PM – ride stats

Tues 1/28 @ 2:47PM – ride stats. I take a picture of my ride stats for my commute – 4 hours 24 minutes (not counting the hour-long stay at Samford to warm up), 33.7 miles, with temps in the teens for most of the day barely warming up to 20 degF by the time I make it back. The max speed occurred on one of the steep downhills at the very beginning while it was still only just starting to flurry and the streets were not even wet yet. I spent a lot of time barely moving and soft pedaling, so the average power is about right, but the heartrate is a bit higher than it should be for such a low average speed and wattage. I’m pretty sure this was caused by a combination of stresses: wondering if I’m going to fall, mental effort picking out a route through the snow and ice, being surprised and shock at what I’m seeing, and battling the cold temps.

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