Tues, 1/28 @ 2:23PM – rocky ridge downhill

Tues, 1/28 @ 2:23PM – rocky ridge downhill. There are no sidewalks on Rocky Ridge Rd. Nobody walks here. That alone should caption this image, but as I stop in the middle of the road to take a picture I am trying to process what is happening while simultaneously figuring out how to get through the mess to my house. Kristine has called me while I was on Hwy 31 to ask me to get home as soon as possible to watch the kids which have accumulated at our house so she can make another trip back to school to pick up more kids whose parents have called us knowing barely 4 hours after the snow first started that they will not be able to make it to school. The kids in this picture are probably from Rocky Ridge. Their parents made it to school to get them and then part of the way home before getting stuck. Now they are walking the rest of the way home.

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