Tues, 1/28 @ 1:11PM – shades crest hill

Tues, 1/28 @ 1:11PM – shades crest hill. When I turn onto Rocky Ridge, I am confused at the pile of cars on the left of the picture and in disbelief at the ATV in the upper right of the picture sliding sideways down the hill directly towards the SUV in the ditch. The white SUV is having no problems just ahead of the SUV. My hand is freezing cold, and I have just put my glove back on after videoing my ride on Hwy 280. I cannot will myself to take my glove off again to switch the camera back to video mode to capture the ATV correcting his slide to make it down the hill successfully. Note that in addition to the black SUV halfway down the hill, there are a total of four other cars that have ended up off the side of the road on the other side of the trees.

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