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Athens Twilight and Roswell Criterium race reports

Last night when we finally made it back to Birmingham, I couldn’t sleep so I went ahead and analyzed and posted my power and heartrate data. Here are my race reports:

2011 Athens Twilight Summary
Pat Allison and I were the two Tria riders in the race. Pat started at the back of the front group, and I started near the front of the back group, so we ended up starting not too far apart. I was lucky because the guy in front and to the left of me couldn’t clip in which opened up a whole in front of him that allowed me to pass a bunch of people right from the line. I was able to then work my way towards the front by about 20 laps into the race. Pat was just behind me when there was a crash in turn 1. I hit the rider who was on the ground in front of me and flipped up in the air. I came down onto my hand, chin, and knee. I blew out my front tire when I collided with the rider, so I was put back into the race with a new front wheel. Pat also got caught up in the crash. When we got placed back in, Pat went in a lap earlier than me towards the back of the group. I went in a lap later after the mechanics had changed out my flat wheel and gotten my shifters straightened out. They put me back in towards the front 1/3rd of the group. My wrist was really sore, but I was still able to pull up on the handlebars hard enough on the backside hill and fight for position towards the front of the field. I felt great and was always able to pass riders over the top of the backside hill. With 10 laps to go, there was a $100 prime, and as soon as I saw that nobody was sprinting for the prime, I attacked hard up the left side clearing the UHC train just in time to take the prime. I had a lot of momentum, so I went ahead and rolled off the front and stayed away until the top of the hill on the backside of the course. Then I fought hard for position and ended up 26th. Pat used a lot of energy moving back up after getting put back into the race and was still able to fight to finish 47th.

It is so hard to describe the atmosphere surrounding this race, you have to be there and experience it to really appreciate what it is like. With Chad Andrews announcing the race and getting everybody pumped up and over 30,000 people lining the streets, beer gardens, parking decks, hotels, loft windows, bar/restaurant open air second levels all screaming and cheering added to a race that averages 30mph all under the lights, it is easily the biggest adrenaline rush of the entire season. This year’s race was super smooth except for the one crash in turn #1 that unfortunately was just ahead of me. It was definitely the highest average speed for me. My friends Ashley and Stephen from Birmingham (who both graduated from UGA) drove up from Birmingham to watch the race! How cool is that! It was awesome to hear people all the way around the course cheering for me and for my teammate Pat. Thank you everyone!!!! I always tell people that if there is one race of the year to see what fast criterium racing is all about, it would be the Athens Twilight race.

Here are some videos and pics that my wife took:

Just after finishing – evidence of crash – landing on someone else’s chainring

Picture sent to the kids before the race. They loved it! The kids were staying with the Luncefords who have graciously hosted us every year for the past 4 years! The kids and us look forward to Twilight every year to enjoy the weekend together.

2011 Roswell Criterium Summary
This is normally a safe Pro/1/2 race, but this year there were numerous crashes. I was involved in two of them, and also broke a spoke on Turn #4. That meant that I was in the pit three times during the first half of the race. The first crash that I was in could be described as a fender bender with me running into the back end of the crash. I was able to clip out and catch myself before falling. The second crash was in the exact same spot with riders getting tangled up in front of me on the outside of Turn #2. Neither of them went down, but when they tried to untangle themselves one of them swerved right into me and took me straight into the barriers. My bike stopped for a moment, and I kept going forward flipping through the air. As soon as I knew I was ejected off the bike, I tucked up into a ball and fortunately landed partially on the air cushion that was being used as a barrier. My bike then continued on past me as my rear derailleur had gotten tangled up with somebody else’s bike. I had to walk forward to retrieve my bike. My rear derailleur was really bent, so when I made it back to the pit I was able to get a SRAM neutral bike to restart the race. With about 35 minutes left to go in the race, there was a nasty crash towards the top of the backside hill. It was a Tour de France style crash with the peloton bunched up together and riders in the middle getting tangled up and then taking down everyone near them blocking the entire road. The spectators moved the barriers to help the riders in the back (including me) get around, but when we made it back to the start/finish, the race had been neutralized with an ambulance on the course. I was pretty shaken up from my crash earlier in the race and after not being able to move very far up, I drifted towards the back where I proceeded to cramp up with a lap to go and eased up to cross the finish line behind the main field. There was another crash on the last turn in the last lap, but I was so far back I didn’t see what happened. I just saw riders picking themselves up off the ground after it was over.

Here is a video that my wife took early on in the race: (Look how big the field is!!! I guess that might explain why there were so many crashes)

Also, here are couple good pics that Dave Gearhart got of me in the pit at Roswell…

After breaking spoke, mechanic bends derailleur back into place and gives me a new rear wheel.

Mechanic helps push me up the hill back into the peloton. This was painful pulling on the bars with sore wrist. I definitely appreciated the help!!!

Power and heartrate data from Athens and Roswell

Here are my Athens Twilight lap split times from Strava:

Name 		MI 	FT 	MPH 	PW 	HR 	Time 
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	12.3	64	110	0:03:03
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	26.2	371	166	0:01:26
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	454	178	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	433	179	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	510	180	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	31.8	461	177	0:01:11
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	463	177	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	31.3	528	181	0:01:12
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	32.2	511	181	0:01:10
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	429	181	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	440	181	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.5	468	183	0:01:22
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	32.2	503	183	0:01:10
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	466	181	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.5	395	183	0:01:22
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	472	180	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	389	182	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	457	181	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.9	451	182	0:01:13
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	443	182	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	32.2	476	181	0:01:10
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	470	180	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.8	21	6.2	204	164	0:06:03
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.9	446	179	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	468	180	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.9	470	179	0:01:13
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	473	181	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.9	414	178	0:01:13
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	471	179	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	461	181	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	438	181	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	451	181	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	479	179	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	438	185	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	449	177	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	491	181	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.7	21	29.7	436	180	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	348	175	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	32.2	412	178	0:01:10
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.2	454	178	0:01:20
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	375	173	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	466	173	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	450	176	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.5	431	176	0:01:22
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.9	363	175	0:01:21
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	413	179	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	445	179	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.9	400	176	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.6	368	171	0:01:19
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	383	167	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.2	364	168	0:01:23
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	410	173	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.9	367	173	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.6	402	169	0:01:19
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	400	169	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	458	173	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.9	409	175	0:01:13
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	406	174	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.5	394	174	0:01:22
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	456	176	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	31.3	417	174	0:01:12
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.9	453	175	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	487	176	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	443	175	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.2	407	176	0:01:20
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.9	413	176	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.6	409	186	0:01:19
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	413	179	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	456	178	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.6	379	178	0:01:19
Athens (1 lap) 	0.7	21	28.9	408	177	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	405	177	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	31.3	431	181	0:01:12
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	457	183	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.9	510	185	0:01:13
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	33.2	545	187	0:01:08
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	2.6	72	137	0:14:16

And here are my Roswell lap split times from Strava:

Name 		MI 	FT 	MPH 	PW 	HR 	Time 
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	26.6	367	155	0:02:05
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.9	429	166	0:01:59
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.7	472	169	0:01:52
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	30.2	470	171	0:01:50
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	13.9	388	166	0:03:59
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.7	448	168	0:01:52
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.7	426	166	0:02:00
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.1	427	170	0:01:54
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.9	463	172	0:01:55
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	13.8	176	151	0:04:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27	394	165	0:02:03
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.5	406	167	0:02:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	26.6	385	168	0:02:05
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.5	400	171	0:02:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.1	420	171	0:01:58
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.4	437	174	0:01:53
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.1	475	172	0:01:54
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.1	411	169	0:01:58
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.9	409	168	0:01:55
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	9.2	197	152	0:06:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.7	434	163	0:02:00
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.6	481	172	0:01:56
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.9	448	171	0:01:55
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	12.2	192	153	0:04:33
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	26.6	390	156	0:02:05
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.7	487	169	0:01:52
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	26.8	363	171	0:02:04
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.5	454	171	0:02:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.1	432	170	0:01:58
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.6	483	169	0:01:56
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	26.6	410	168	0:02:05
Roswell(1 lap) 	1	22	27.5	492	169	0:02:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.9	444	171	0:01:59
Roswell(1 lap) 	1	22	29.1	452	168	0:01:54
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.2	419	166	0:02:02
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27	417	168	0:02:03
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.7	463	175	0:02:00
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.1	449	168	0:01:54
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.9	514	168	0:01:51
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.2	413	165	0:02:02
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	21.7	208	148	0:02:33

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Athens, Roswell power and lap data

I am too tired to write up my race report tonight, but I wanted to go ahead and upload my power and heartrate data. I’ll be working on a full race report tomorrow!

Athens Twilight heartrate summary

Roswell Criterium heartrate summary

2011 Athens Twilight heartrate data

2011 Roswell Criterium heartrate data

I had crashes in both races that stopped my powermeter from working. In Athens, I had a front flat and the replacement wheel did not have a speed sensor. The speed data that I have for Athens is from my Garmin using the GPS. There was a lot of interference which led to speed spikes in the data. The power data is from my iBike, which won’t work without a speed sensor. Same thing happened in Roswell except this time it was my entire bike that no longer worked, and I had to switch to neutral bike. Luckily, I remembered to take my Garmin off and put it in my jersey pocket for the rest of the race so I could get heartrate and speed data – but no power data.

---------Athens Twilight 2011 ---------
Dist:       11.00 mi (0:24:10)
Energy:     367.4 kJ
Cals Burn:  351.3 kcal
Climbing:     442 ft
Braking:   -115.2 kJ (-31.3%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  253.4  2372  W
Aero        0  125.7  4439  W
Rolling     0   49.9    63  W
Gravity  -948  -72.9   554  W
Speed     0.0   27.3  34.3  mi/h
Wind      0.0   15.0  84.5  mi/h
Elev      438    471   510  ft
Slope   -57.4  -0.80  12.8  %
Caden       4   76.9   105  rpm
HR        124  179.7   187  bpm
NP 318 W; IF 1.058; TSS 45.1
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0055
168 lbs; 4/30/2011 7:28 PM
79 degF; 1013 mbar
-------- Roswell Criterium 2011 ---------
Dist:       17.69 mi (0:40:01)
Energy:     586.7 kJ
Cals Burn:  560.9 kcal
Climbing:     428 ft
Braking:    -95.6 kJ (-16.3%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  244.3  1225  W
Aero        0   64.1  1494  W
Rolling     0   48.5    67  W
Gravity  -531  -35.0   486  W
Speed     0.0   26.5  36.7  mi/h
Wind      0.0   13.0  49.1  mi/h
Elev      819    840   863  ft
Slope    -6.1  -0.39   7.3  %
Caden       0   80.8   117  rpm
HR         84  165.7   177  bpm
NP 294 W; IF 0.981; TSS 64.2
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0055
168 lbs; 5/1/2011 4:45 PM
85 degF; 1013 mbar

2011 Athens Twilight power data

2011 Roswell Criterium power data

Finally, here are the links to the Strava data for both races:

Athens Twilight –
Roswell Criterium –

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Texas Tough USA Crits Finale Race Report

Zoomed in view of the start/finish stretch before the start of the Cat 2/3 race.

Race report
Raced and fought hard to a 30th place finish out of a strong field of about 100 starters. I got caught up in a crash near the middle of the group about 10 laps into the race ultimately skidding to a stop holding onto the original rider who went down – a United Healthcare rider – who had just stood up as other riders squeaked past us. The hardest part of the race was when we were put back in one lap later at the very back of the peloton, which was being led by the entire Hotel San Jose team as they were chasing a six-man break that had gotten away without them because of the crash. About 10 laps later the pace had eased up, and I was able to work my way up to near the front of the group where I stayed for the remainder of the race. In the end, I missed a seven man move that escaped on a $1000 prime lap. One lap later, I moved into position to keep ahead of the “swarm” on the downhill, when Ben Zawacki from Team Ion attacked off the front to chase the group of seven. I had an opening, and so I launched off the side of the group, thinking that if I could reach Ben then perhaps the two of us could make the bridge — but Ben already had a great gap by the time I attacked, and I couldn’t close any so I sat up after the downhill to conserve energy for the finish. In the end I fought hard for position, finishing 18th in the field sprint, which meant 30th for the race with twelve riders off the front.

The course was a nice 4-corner around the American Airlines Center arena in Dallas. The course had a short (but steep) 6% uphill immediately after the start/finish and a longer but more gradual downhill on the back side of the course. The uphill was with a tailwind and the downhill was into a headwind/sidewind blowing from the west on the most exposed part of the course. I got a call-up before the start, and that is the first video posted below my heartrate/power data. Two helicopters were hovering over the course to stream the race for a local news station. Also, there was a giant jumbotron screen for spectators – so it was an exciting race to end my 2010 season – although I am planning on racing the Alabama state time trial (Oct 2) and the Tour de Cullman (Oct 23) for some good fun and training!

Trip details
This race was a crazy trip for Kristine and I as we made the 650 mile drive (one-way) from Birmingham to Dallas on Wednesday after I finished teaching my Wednesday afternoon class. Then Thursday night after the race, we “turned and burned” and drove the 650 miles back to Birmingham to make it back in time for my 9AM Friday class. We were gone for a total of 40 hours, 22 of which was spent driving, about 3 hours of racing and warm-up, a few hours during the day on Thursday hanging out with friends, and only 8 hours of sleeping. We shared the driving on the return trip, spent the night with awesome friends at the Christian missions organization (Mercy Ships) where the two of us met which was on the way to Dallas, and had an all-round great time.

TopoCreator map of our return trip from Dallas back to Birmingham

Texas Tough, Dallas, TX, USA Crits Finale 2010-09-16
Dist:       38.22 mi (1:24:04)
Energy:    1207.3 kJ
Cals Burn: 1154.2 kcal
Climbing:     549 ft
Braking:    -13.9 kJ (-1.2%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  239.4   793  W
Aero        0  112.3   661  W
Rolling     0   36.3    50  W
Gravity  -508    0.5   436  W
Speed     0.0   27.3  37.8  mi/h
Wind      9.1   16.3  31.5  mi/h
Elev      363    375   387  ft
Slope    -4.5   0.01   6.1  %
Caden       0   78.2   115  rpm
HR        128  178.9   192  bpm
NP 271 W; IF 0.979; TSS 134.2
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0039
173 lbs; 9/16/2010 5:56 PM
87 degF; 1012 mbar

Annotated heartrate data corresponding to the graph below …

  1. The race started with a neutral lap – riders inches from the pace car completely surrounding it on both sides, too!
  2. The wreck in Turn #4 ten laps into the race
  3. The hardest part of the race, hanging on and trying to move up with Team Hotel San Jose drove the pace chasing the break
  4. Easier – fighting to stay at the front

2010 Texas Tough USA Crits Finale Heartrate Data

Annotated power data corresponding to the graph below …

  1. The wreck in Turn #4 ten laps into the race
  2. Bridge attempt late in the race (about 6 or 7 laps to go)

2010 Texas Tough USA Crits Finale Power Data

Note the drafting differences (i.e., difference between the white line and the blue line) in the two different parts of the race. In the first red circled area, the pace is super fast and I am just hanging onto the rider in front of me. In the second circle area, you see more places where I am attacking or moving out into the wind to try to continue to move up or maintain position at the front of the race. I love being able to see this data on my iBike, and over time I am hoping it will help me figure out how to better mete out my energy for crits.

Videos from the race – Kristine took these videos on her iPhone.

Call-ups at the Texas Tough Grand Prix

Start of the 2010 Texas Tough Grand Prix

Early lap in the 2010 Texas Tough Grand Prix

Middle lap in the 2010 Texas Tough Grand Prix

The start/finish stretch underneath towering hotels and high-rise condiminiums
Racing in downtown Dallas, TX
Spending the night with friends from Mercy Ships in Van, TX
Eating breakfast at the iconic Dinner Bell restaurant in Van, TX

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Chris Thater Memorial Race

UPDATE – Nevermind, I made the mistake of taking the last flight out of Birmingham. The flight has a flat tire, which they are replacing in about an hour, which means I miss my connection to NY. There is no way I can make it to the race in time!

I’m privileged to be racing tomorrow in the last race of this year’s NRC series – the Chris Thater Memorial criterium up in Binghamton, NY. This race is also part of the USA Crits series where I am currently still holding my position in the Top 10. Here’s my topocreator map of the course … at 1.3miles long, this is a bit longer than a typical crit course. We’re supposed to be racing 50 miles, so I guess that means about 38, 39, or 40 laps.

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USA Crits – Ironhill Twilight and Capital Crit Race Reports

2010 Capital Criterium – July 11, 2010 – Amazing! Photo by Marco Quezada.
What an experience of racing this weekend! I received call-ups both days for being in the Top 10 overall for the USA Crits series! This picture above is right before the start of Sunday’s Capital Criterium during the singing of the Italian National Anthem followed shortly by the American National Anthem. The reason for the Italian anthem is because this race was held in part to promote the start of the 2012 Giro d’Italia in Washington, DC. The course was fun and fast. I worked hard to stay at the front for the entire race and ended up 18th.
2010 Ironhill Twilight Criterium – July 10, 2010 Photo by @ShaunaSmash Looking down at broken derailleur while coasting to a stop. Photo by Joe Mallis
Saturday night was a fast, fun Twilight Criterium in West Chester, PA. The story of the night for me (besides getting a call-up!) was how much time could I spend in the pits! Only a few laps into the race, I got caught up in a crash on the hill coming out of Turn 3. I think my bike was OK, but later in the race I ended up cracking my derailleur cage when the chain came off. I ran back to the pits and got a SRAM neutral bike, which I was able to use to finish the race (38th place). SRAM was awesome and let me use the bike again the next day since it was impossible to fix the bike without ordering the part.

After the weekend’s races, I moved into 6th overall. And even though I’m missing the next race, I’m hoping to still have enough points to be in the Top 10 for Charlotte and Dallas which are the final two races in the series.

@TotalCyclist broadcast the Ironhill Crit live, and there is still an archived version available online at the following URL:
– scroll to 5 minutes to hear me ask @probikeracingtv to post pic of my call-up
– scroll to 12 minutes to see my call-up

The weekend was the first time I have flown to a race since 1998. It went pretty smoothly, albeit expensive!

Saturday, 11AM Dreary morning here in Baltimore – forecast is for rain tonight in West Chester, PA, too. That means tonight’s Ironhill Twilight criterium is looking to be pretty much a repeat of this year’s Athens Twilight. With one exception, though, I should be getting a call-up which means I won’t be stuck at the back of a huge field!

I flew in last night to the Baltimore airport, grabbed a shuttle to the hotel with my giant bike carrier (61 lbs w/ bike, clothes, tools), and then assembled my roughed up bike. Everything inside the bike carrier had come unscrewed and with the handlebars dismounted I forgot to screw the headset together so the fork had almost pulled completely out of the bike – I’m very lucky it didn’t crack! I had been planning to take the free shuttle back to the airport to take a free shuttle to the rental car place to pick up my rental car. But then I realized – wait a minute – I have a bike! So I avoided the shuttles and biked the 4.5 miles to the rental car place to pick up my car. The bike worked great, and I felt great, but it was pouring down rain. So dripping wet I waited in line, got the car, put my bike in the trunk, and headed back to the hotel. Everything is drying out now — just in time to get soaked again tonight during the race!

Later that day... The sun came out at the end of the day, dried up all the streets, and we raced on the perfectly dry (and fast) streets of downtown West Chester. It was a hard race, and I ended up 38th.

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Upcoming USA Crits

Capital Criterium, July 11, 2010

Yes, that is a crit course located just two blocks from the White House, and yes if everything falls into place I will be racing it on Sunday! Excited is an understatement!!! But first, I’ll be racing the Ironhill Twilight criterium on Saturday in West Chester, PA before heading down to DC to race the Capital Crit on Sunday. Both crits are part of the USA crits series, where I am currently 6th overall, which hopefully means I’ll get a call-up to the start line at one or both races. Stay tuned for updates.

Ironhill Twilight Criterium, July 10, 2010

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Racing the Ohio Triple (Madeira Centennial Crit, Hyde Park Blast (USA Crits), Tour de Grandview)

Whew – what a hard weekend of racing … 120 miles of criterium racing in only 3 days. Today’s Tour de Grandview criterium was 42 miles long and had over 2000 ft of climbing cumulative for the race! It was by far the hardest race, not only because of the long hill on the course but also because of the hot, humid weather with heat index hovering around 100. My heartrate data tells the story, but I went from thinking that there was no way I was going to be able to finish to by the end having a shot at the top 10. But before all the details, here is the quick summary:

Quick summary and heartrate data
Sunday, June 27th, Tour de Grandview (Columbus, OH)
14th place, 80 starters (25 finishers plus another 10-15 placed on time), tough course with long hill and very hot, humid weather
2010-06-27 Tour de Grandview Heartrate data

  1. Easy first part of the race, break of 5 gets away
  2. Attacking to bridge – two laps chasing solo
  3. Caught – tired
  4. Hurting bad, figured I would be gapped off or dropped
  5. Hurting bad, figured I would be gapped off or dropped
  6. Hurting bad, figured I would be gapped off or dropped
  7. Hurting bad, figured I would be gapped off or dropped
  8. Hurting bad, figured I would be gapped off or dropped
  9. Hurting bad, figured I would be gapped off or dropped
  10. You get the idea…
  11. Field down to 25 riders by this point
  12. Recovered, starting to figure out how to get top 10
  13. The finishing laps, last rationed gatorade gone, a few accelerations, cramps, cramp in finish sprint, 14th place

Saturday, June 26th, Hyde Park Blast USA Crits Stop #3 (Hyde Park, OH)
11th place, 100+ starters (38 finishers), tough course with short steep hill up narrow alley
2010-06-26 Hyde Park Blast (USA Crits) Heartrate data

  1. Good start, near the front, not unmanageable
  2. Crash on last turn – forced into barriers – free lap
  3. Field split – only 55 riders left in the race – still hard with lots of attacks
  4. Good break got away – steady chasing by Kenda
  5. Moving up for the finish

Friday, June 25th, Madeira Centennial Criterium (Madeira, OH)
28th place, 100+ starters (60 finishers), very tough 6 corner course including two 180 degree turns, highest power average for the year
2010-06-25 Madeira Centennial Crit Heartrate data

  1. Started near the back, very difficult with the 180 degree turns, struggling, full water bottle popped out on rough pavement
  2. Neutral section after rider clotheslined by a finish line cable and attended to by EMTs. Stopped to pick up my water bottle
  3. Fast finish, moved up to about 40th, couldn’t move up any further

The Details
Friday’s Madeira Centennial crit was on one of the most unique courses I’ve raced … see annotated topocreator map below …

  1. First 180 degree turn at top of small hill
  2. First active railroad crossing, carpet laid over tracks
  3. Second 180 degree turn at top of small hill
  4. Rough pavement
  5. Second active railroad crossing, no carpet but not too rough

And by active, I mean that a train was scheduled to pass through anytime between 7:30PM and 9:00PM. Fortunately, the train was late and didn’t come by until just after we finished at 9:30. The callups were decided by order of registration, so I ended up starting near the very back because I had only decided a couple days before to register. This wasn’t a good course to be at the back because both 180 degree turns required slowing down to about 5-10mph if you were at the back as the riders in front bunched up trying to squeeze through the turns shoulder to shoulder.

About 20 minutes into the race, one of my water bottles popped out when I hit the rough pavement coming out of the second 180. As if to taunt me, the bottle (or maybe somebody helped it) had rolled into a standing position right on the side of the course. So each time through that part of the course, I would see the bottle as my one remaining bottle was just about empty. But then, there was a really bad accident (a rider was clotheslined off his bike by an air compressor cable being held up after the finish line blow-up area fell over). This neutralized the race for about 4 or 5 laps while the EMTs immobilized and transported him off the course. This accident, while terribly bad for that racer, did provide a stroke of good luck for me because it meant I was able to stop and pick up the bottle that I had dropped.

When we started back up, the organizers figured out that we would have just enough time to finish our race before the train came. This was good news because we crossed the train tracks twice on the course! I moved up pretty far – from near the back to somewhere in the top 20 riders or so but lost position in the 180 degree turns on the last couple laps, starting the sprint in the top 30 and finishing 28th. I knew the race was hard, but when I downloaded my heartrate and power data, I couldn’t believe how hard it had been — average power of 394W and average heartrate of 176bpm and 53 minutes in my Zone 5 heartrate.

Saturday’s Hyde Park Blast (USA Crits)
110 riders lined up for the start of this race. Tim Hall, from Nashville Cyclist, leaned over and said this was the “Athens Twilight” of the north — and he was right. Good, hard course, thousands of spectators in a party-like atmosphere, and a survival-fest of a bike race. Sounds like Athens Twilight to me! I had a fourth row starting position, but the guy in front of me clipped in really well and I followed him past two rows of riders immediately as soon as they blew the whistle to start the race. The pace was fast, and I was in zone 5 pretty quick, but everything was smooth and steady at the front of the race. Then about 5 laps into the race, there was a crash a few riders in front of me on the super fast downhill out of the alley. I had no place to go, so I decided it was better to run into the barriers than running over the riders on the ground.

After taking a free lap, the official put us back in at the very front of the large field. This turned out to be pretty important because only a few minutes later there would be a field split that eventually saw half the field pulled from the race. There were a lot of breaks and moves, but I decided that my best chance at finishing well was to conserve energy for the finish by working to stay close to the front. Coming into the final laps, I had moved up to near the front of our dwindling field (down to about 30 riders) and fought hard to stay there by accelerating hard out of the 180 degree turn on the course. On the last lap, there was a split in our field with 13 riders in it. I was about 5 riders back from the split so I attacked hard and nearly completed the bridge by the start of the final sprint with the rest of the field splintered a few seconds back. A crash took out two riders in front of me meaning I was able to squeeze through for 11th.

Check out my annotated topocreator map with highlights of the course and race:

  1. Lots of spectators here – I think the estimate was a few thousand people!
  2. Live band playing some loud hard rock music we could hear each lap.
  3. Shift into the little chainring in prep for the steep climb up the alley.
  4. The alley climb – narrow, steep, nicely paved cement – felt like a driveway.
  5. Beer and $ primes from the spectators.
  6. Crazy fast downhill – location of crash where I went into the barriers.
  7. Location of finish line crash.

The alley climb was a really unique part of this course. The alley was behind people’s houses, and so there were a lot of people grilling out on their back porches and lining the already narrow road at spots where there was some place to stand just off the road. They were giving beer and money primes later in the race after the field had thinned down. The trees lined the alley with branches hanging out into the alley. There was one evergreen tree with a branch hanging about 2-3 feet into the road that people (including myself) would brush up against on every lap. On one lap, I was preparing to brush up against the branch again when a rider passed me on the outside just before the branch. So he ran smack into the branch pushing it back out of his way. Well – guess who was there when the branch snapped back into position – me! I got hit hard on my face and arm and was a little bit stunned, surprised, and upset at first. But that quickly turned to laughter on the way down the hill as I realized what had just happened. You don’t see that in a race every day!

I really enjoyed the race and was happy to finish 11th which has moved me into 6th place overall in the USA crits series which means I will probably get a call-up at the next USA crits race in PA and maybe even the big NRC rate in DC on Pennsylvania Avenue!

Tour de Grandview, Columbus Ohio
The last race of the series was by far the hardest because it came at the end of a long weekend of crit racing, was in the hottest weather and humidity, and had the most climbing (2000ft!). Still, I was proudest of this race because less than 15 minutes into the race, I was half-hoping to get dropped or gapped off so I could call it a day. So in the end I was elated to have been able to hung on and have a shot at the top 10. Plus – any crit that has a feedzone because the climb is steep enough and the race is long enough to warrant one has got to be tough!

The race started out relatively easy as I had a good spot in the second row. Riding at the front, it was easy to fly through the corners and make it up the climb. Plus, a small group had gotten away on the first lap that had most (but not all) of the major teams represented. A large part of the field was happy to let them roll away, and I thought for sure that with everyone being so tired they would lap the group. I was feeling good enough that I wanted to make sure that I at least gave it a good shot to get across to the break. So, on the third time up the hill, I attacked 100% hard and got a clean gap on the field. By the top of the climb I came flying by another rider who had been chasing and continued my pursuit. I made it to where I could see the break at the top of the hill when I was about 3/4 of the way up meaning that they had about a 20 second gap. This was as close to making it as I came though, because on the next lap, the break wasn’t visible and the announcer said they had 30 seconds. Since I only had a 10 second gap on the field, I eased back and pushed it hard to make sure that I didn’t get caught until the top of the hill on the next lap. So now that I think about it, I must have been away chasing for 3 laps.

The field did catch me – and fortunately it was at the top of hill. I made sure to ride as much as possible in the middle of the road so that when the field came by 5mph faster, I could catch a draft from riders passing me on both sides. Then I eventually latched on near the very back of the pack. Also, fortunately, the next time up the climb was relatively tame so I basically had two full laps to recover before the guys in the front went into “blow the race apart” mode. Each time up the climb, somebody would attack in the flat leading into the climb – which meant that those of us at the back of the pack who had to slow down for the 90 degree turn leading into the climb, had to accelerate even harder up the climb. The only thing that saved me was that most of those attacks would be caught by the top of the climb — which meant there was usually a slight lull in the pace where those of us who had gotten gapped off or dropped could catch back up. This must have happened 10 times — including during the middle of the small thunderstorm which passed through the race. Yes, it started to rain for less than one lap — and only on 1/2 of the course – so we had about 5 minutes of relief from the heat before the sun came out and was blazing hot with what felt like 100% humidity. The top part of the climb was dry even though it had rained pretty hard at the bottom! About two laps later with the blazing sun, the bottom part of the course was dry again.

The thunderstorm was a bit of a psychological blow for me as the lightning flash and almost instantaneous thunder had been a cue for me that they were going to stop, delay, or call the race right then. The next lap around though, the official yelled “laps” or something like that so I thought that meant we were down to 5 laps to go. The pace was fast and I had trouble figuring out where the lap card was. It took me a few laps and by this point I was thinking we only had a couple laps left. When I finally found the lap card, it read “22 laps” and I thought “you’ve got to be kidding me”. We still had almost an hour of racing left!!! So I was a bit demoralized at that point, but the only problem was that I kept on recovering enough on the downhill to be able to hang on or chase back on at the top of the hill. It was like an endless interval session…

That is, until a good break got away with about 6 or 7 riders. Then things seemed to slow down a bit. I thought we would be sprinting for 7th or 8th because our pace really dropped. But the guys in the break weren’t working well together, or they must have just been plain exhausted because we caught them with about 5 or 6 laps to go. Two riders got off the front of our group in a strong counterattack (Andy Crater and a Panther rider) and I was already in survival mode so I was happy to let them go. Almost everyone in the field was just so exhausted that you didn’t care if somebody attacked to get away, so two riders slipped away independently with three and two laps to go, respectively and they stayed away for 3rd and 4th. Basically, if you had any legs left you could attack and the small field of 20 exhausted riders was going to let you go. Unfortunately for me, I had no legs left and was just hanging on trying to move up so that I could try to get a top 10 finish. It didn’t quite happen though, because I cramped up really bad up the climb to the finish sprint having run completely out of water/gatorade with 3 laps to go – and even though I had a bit of luck in that the muscle relaxed just enough for me to reengage my right leg and pass three or four people before the finish, it was only the people who had already passed me at the start of the sprint when I had cramped so I ended up in about the same position I started the sprint – with 4 off the front meant 14th for the race.

  1. First corner – pace slow down as attacks up the hill usually petered out by here.
  2. Hard second corner because you came from a sidewind and turned directly into a headwind.
  3. Fast downhill corner.
  4. Another bunching up spot before accelerating downhill.
  5. Very fast, rough pavement, downhill corner. First lap, the first rider didn’t make turn went straight off the road between some park bleachers and fell on the grass.
  6. Slingshot corner, accelerate hard up the climb
  7. The feedzone
  8. Lots of spectators shouting encouragement and throwing water on riders.

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