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2008 Memphis Grand Prix – Time Trial

Quick summary: 11th place

The details:I spent the afternoon relaxing in the hotel lobby and then working to get my brand new clip-on TT bars mounted on my bike. Philip and Brent helped a lot to get my position right. Thanks guys! Philip, Jacob, and I all decided to bike over to the start/finish area since it was only 6 miles from our hotel. My legs were feeling pretty heavy when we stepped up the speed, but I was really loving the new TT bars. I felt comfortable AND I felt like I had some good leverage on the bars so that I could power through smaller hills.

The course was a closed road that paralleled an active set of railroad tracks. The course was out/back 4 miles total. We came into the course before anyone started and got a chance to ride it two and a half times. I liked the course and new that you had to save some energy for after the turnaround when you would be battling back up a small grade into a decent headwind. My power meter helped me keep from going out too hard, and it helped me keep from panicking on the way back in when I wasn’t going very fast to realize that it was because of the grade and headwind – NOT because I was just going slow. I was pleased that my time was about 6 seconds improved from similar TT’s. Also, check out how low my average heart rate was and yet how high the average power was. Normally I’d be freaking out b/c my HR was so low, but because I knew I was putting out the watts to maintain a descent speed I was able to keep pushing.

2008 Memphis Grand Prix - Time Trial

  1. Power spike on the first small riser. I saved some energy after the start to kick it hard here to keep my speed up.
  2. The turn-around
  3. High power, slightly slower speed on the uphill grade into headwind
  4. Again, good power through here even though the speed was dropping

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Avery Trace Road Race and Time Trial

Quick summary: 4th road race, 19th time trial

The details: it was a relatively small field (about 35 riders), but it was packed with heat. Two Team Type I pros were here (Emile Abraham and Daniel Holt), Brent Bookwalter (BMC), and four riders from a pro team called DLP (UCI Continental) along with Michael Olheiser and three riders from Texas Roadhouse. The pace started out slow in the road race because it was raining and wet. I put in the first attack and strung out the field. There was one counter attack that was chased down and then there was another strong attack at the base of the first major climb. Only Olheiser, me, and the US national team rider (?) could maintain the pace up the climb. We went up and over and flew down the other side which was kinda scary on the wet roads. We traded pace across the valley, but when we hit the next climb at 25mph Olheiser didn’t even slow down. Seriously, he probably went up that next climb at 20+mph all the way to the top. The national team rider and I both popped pretty quickly from that and the field came up to us.

Then there was a section of the race where several riders and teams were working together to try to bring Olheiser back so there weren’t any attacks or breaks. Once it became clear that we weren’t going to bring Olheiser back, the attacks and breaks started again. There were several “roll off” breaks where a few riders would simply roll off the front of the group at a slightly faster speed and simultaneously you get a couple of riders at the front who slow down or don’t want to pull through and all of a sudden there is a 5 man break up the road! This happened right before the long climb on the course. A group of about 8 riders simply rolled off the front. I got caught out near the back of the main field and managed to work myself to the front by the top of the climb. Several of us that didn’t have team members in the break worked together over the next 10 miles to bring the front group back. We did, and then almost immediately another “roll off” break went up the road. Darrell O’Quinn bridged up to it with a Krystal rider. There was pretty good team representation in the break and nobody in the pack looked like they were motivated to chase it down, so I attacked hard up the righthand side of the road and managed to get a clean gap with only a DLP rider in tow. I made it halfway across the gap and then convinced the DLP rider to work with me since they would then have a second rider in the break. We finished the bridge together and made it up to the lead group (minus Olheiser who was already several minutes up the road).

So after a few minutes our break of 7 started to gel and people started to work together although I wasn’t super happy with the composition of the group (we were missing two of the pros and one entire strong team – Texas Roadhouse). Eventually we got into a really good rhythm with everybody pulling through. I felt pretty comfortable that we were going to stay away to the end (about 20 miles to go). We made it to the last major climb (excluding the finishing climb) and only three of us were able to maintain a high pace up the climb. I found myself off the front with a strong DLP rider (Thad Dulin who raced for Jittery Joe’s last year), and a Team Type I pro (Daniel Holt) coming across the top. We worked well together and put about 30-45 seconds into the remainder of the break. We were rolling into a headwind at a pace that fluxuated between 25 and 28mph. Finally, we turned and you could see the last climb just ahead of us. We congratulated each other and joked that maybe we should just roll up the last climb and then do a standing start sprint with 200 meters to go. We laughed and then started up the climb. Right about that moment, we looked back and saw that the pack was RIGHT THERE maybe only 15 seconds behind us and we still had a 1km climb left to go! I panicked at that point thinking that I might cramp and get left behind if I waited for one of the other riders to attack – so I went to the front and pulled as hard as I could up the climb without cramping desperately hoping that I would be able to pull hard enough to keep us away and maybe drop one of the other two riders with me. That wasn’t going to happen so when we made it to the 200 meter mark I led out the sprint hoping that maybe I would catch at least one rider struggling – but I could hear both of them shift into harder gears behind me and then launch around me to take 2nd and 3rd while I rolled across in 4th. The pack came in a few seconds (maybe 10) later.

Here is my HR data (my power meter was installed but not working for the road race):

2008 Avery Trace Road Race

  1. I was in a break on the first climb with Olheiser and the US National rider
  2. Olheiser rode away from us on the second climb
  3. I got caught at the back of the group at the bottom of this climb and worked my way to the front by the top
  4. Here I was helping to chase down the split of 10 riders up the road
  5. This is my bridge to break up the road.
  6. Here is where our break got split up, and I went up the road with Thad Dulin (DLP) and Daniel Holt (Team Type I)
  7. The finishing climb

Darryl Seelhorst, Wes Douglas, Darrell O’Quinn, Jim Brock, and I had a nice relaxing lunch and talk on the front porch of a country store in what has got to be the most beautiful part of Tennessee. Then we went back to the state park where our cars were parked from the road race and worked on our bikes. I worked on getting my new Polar power meter working right (technical details in next post, but it turns out it was a problem with spacing for the cadence magnet) and I tried to put TT bars on my bike, but the two sets of bars that I had were 15 and 20 years old respectively and designed to work with the old thinner handlebars. So I did the TT Eddy Merckx style and was very pleased even though I got next to last. I wanted to test out my power meter and get a baseline for the type of power that I could hold for a 9.1 mile time trial. I decided to go with 20 pedal strokes hard, 5 strokes easy for the race but quickly discovered that I needed 10 strokes and sometimes 20 easy in order to keep from blowing up. Also, I went out too hard. Here is my power and HR data from the TT:

2008 Avery Trace TT Heart rate and Power data
2008 Avery Trace TT Heart rate and Power data

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Nature Valley Grand Prix 2008 – Day 3 – Morning Time Trial

June 13, 2008 – 10:30AM

Ohio St Time Trial

Quick summary: Felt awesome for the first part, getting close to my 30 second man, but after the turnaround I never saw my 30 second man again and started to fade. The hill on the course wasn’t too bad but the last part was into a headwind and I was cooked by the top – crawled across the line.

The details: I got to the race plenty early to get a great warm-up in, but I didn’t get a chance to pre-ride the course as riders had already started racing. This turned out to be a factor as I relaxed a little too soon before the finish and then had to try to ramp the pace back up again to finish the last 200m of the climb. The start of the race was great and I was rolling 28mph with a slight downhill but into the wind. Then my pace started to fall, but I was still feeling comfortable at about 26 mph. I figured I would be able to fly on the way back after the turnaround because there was a tailwind. Unfortunately, my pace stayed consistent around 25mph as I lost sight of the guy who started in front of me that I had been catching and then completely lost sight of before the end. I hit the bottom of the climb with good speed, but it fell quickly and I just couldn’t get it turning up the hill. Then the mistake with the finish and I could only manage an average speed of 13.4mph up the hill for a total time of 15minutes, 15 seconds with a overall average speed of 23.4mph. I am worried now, though, because Ben Jacques-Mayne rolled a time of 12 minutes, 32 seconds which would put the time cut at 15 minutes, 2 seconds. I won’t be able to find out until later this afternoon before the start of tonight’s race whether they relaxed the timecut at all or if I am out of the race.

Heart rate data:
Day 3 - Time trial

Heart rate notes:

  1. Rolling great through here
  2. The turnaround
  3. Downhill before corner into the hill
  4. Strong headwind near the top of the hill

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