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Shorewood Criterium – Tour of America’s Dairyland – Day 1

Today was the first day of the Tour of America’s Dairyland, 11 consecutive days of racing all over southeastern Wisconsin. First, the thing that probably amazed me most about today … I had to wear arm warmers and the temperature dropped into the 50s by the end of the race. Keep in mind that summer is supposed to start in a few days! Here is a picture of the temperature after the race:

59 degrees by the end of the race … at the beginning of summer???

Annotated map of the race. Here is the Strava link –

Name 	Dist 	Speed 	Power 	   HR 	   Time 
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	26.3 mph 378 watts 163 bpm 0:02:57
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.4 mph 412 watts 173 bpm 0:02:44
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.1 mph 438 watts 178 bpm 0:02:46
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.3 mph 441 watts 179 bpm 0:02:45
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.6 mph 423 watts 179 bpm 0:02:43
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.1 mph 417 watts 182 bpm 0:02:46
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	27.6 mph 431 watts 179 bpm 0:02:49
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	27.8 mph 429 watts 177 bpm 0:02:48
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.4 mph 413 watts 180 bpm 0:02:44
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.4 mph 405 watts 178 bpm 0:02:44
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.6 mph 438 watts 178 bpm 0:02:43
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.3 mph 417 watts 175 bpm 0:02:45
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	29.0 mph 458 watts 177 bpm 0:02:41
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.6 mph 443 watts 175 bpm 0:02:43
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.1 mph 420 watts 172 bpm 0:02:46
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.3 mph 418 watts 177 bpm 0:02:45
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	27.1 mph 388 watts 174 bpm 0:02:52
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	27.8 mph 404 watts 174 bpm 0:02:48
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	27.9 mph 409 watts 174 bpm 0:02:47
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.3 mph 415 watts 174 bpm 0:02:45
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.4 mph 423 watts 174 bpm 0:02:44
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	26.8 mph 399 watts 171 bpm 0:02:54
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	29.7 mph 465 watts 173 bpm 0:02:37
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	27.9 mph 410 watts 175 bpm 0:02:47
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	29.3 mph 450 watts 182 bpm 0:02:39
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	26.2 mph 371 watts 179 bpm 0:02:58
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	27.0 mph 379 watts 176 bpm 0:02:53
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	27.6 mph 396 watts 181 bpm 0:02:49
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.6 mph 437 watts 180 bpm 0:02:43
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	27.6 mph 452 watts 180 bpm 0:02:49
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	28.4 mph 474 watts 183 bpm 0:02:44
1 Lap	1.3 mi 	30.3 mph 446 watts 187 bpm 0:02:34

And now for the race report, the course was a classic four-corner rectangular course with a chicane shortly after Turn #3. The road between Turns #1 and #2 was really rough. There were cracks, bumps, manhole covers, and more along the entire road. There was one bump high enough to launch you (and your bike) a few inches off the ground. I went over it a lot because it was one of the places to pass people. The rest of the course was pretty good pavement except for dips and bumps around manhole covers.

I started towards the front of the group and fought hard to stay there. I was a little tentative since this was my first criterium after my bad wreck at Sandy Springs. I decided to stay on the inside of all corners to maximize safety even if it meant having to accelerate hard out of corners. Still, there were a few close calls including one near-miss where the rider in front of me slammed on his brakes hard enough to lift the rear of his bike a couple feet off the ground essentially doing a reverse wheelie on his front wheel. I thought for sure he was going down and taking me with him, but he kept it upright.

Towards the end of the race, I was able to move all the way up to the very front. I think people were getting tired. With 3 laps to go, I got a bit swarmed though and never could move back up to the front. I fought to maintain my position and then passed a bunch of people at the end who had sat up. I’m hoping I squeezed into the top 30, although points were only awarded 20 deep. There is always tomorrow!

Here is my iBike power data:

This race was in Shorewood, Wisconsin – a northern suburb of Milwaukee. Beautiful town right along Lake Michigan. Check out the pics below:

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Tour of Atlanta – Burnt Mountain road race report

2011 Burnt Mountain road race pro/1/2 podium

Finishing sprint video:

Hats off to the Hincapie Devo guys who took 1-2 in the Tour of Atlanta Burnt Mountain road race today. I squeezed onto the podium for third. The race started down a steep hill, and a group of eight of us carried a lot of momentum down it into a breakaway within a few hundred meters of the start. I didn’t even realize we had a gap until Brendan Sullivan (Irondata) said “let’s make them work for it” a few miles later as the main field was chasing back on. Meanwhile, Michael Stone (Hincapie Development) and a Globalbike rider had gone off the front of our group. Mike was flying, and he dropped his breakmate at some point during the first lap after they had gained over 3 minutes on our group.

Brendan and I took turns pushing the pace on the Burnt Mountain climb and descent. After the descent, a couple more riders joined in the chase. Eventually we got a rotation of four of us at the front of the group chasing, but with a constantly rolling course (STEEP 10-15% rollers), it was hard to keep a good rhythm. Towards the beginning of the second lap, we caught the Globalbike rider who had been in the break, but Mike still had 3 minutes on our group. Globalbike joined in our chase efforts, and our pace picked up leading into the second trip up the Burnt Mountain climb. I set the pace for the first part of the climb, followed by Brendan in the middle section, and then as we approached the scenic overlook Michael Lanham (Globalbike) attacked our group. I was able to hold his wheel, but just barely. By the first false summit of the climb, there was just four of us together. After the first short downhill and leading into the second small summit climb, there were five of us. Then by the start of the descent, there was about seven or eight of us together.

By the start of the descent, I had drained my second water bottle, but I still had a few ounces of water left in the neutral bottle I had gotten at the end of the first lap. So on one of the straighter sections of the descent, I sat up to unscrew one of the bottles and dump in the rest of the neutral bottle. In doing so, I came off the group as they descended and had to chase a little bit during the descent. I felt this was good for the legs though to keep them moving and keep the lactic acid from building up with only a few miles from the bottom of the descent to the finish of the race. I caught on by the bottom, and I expected a salvo of attacks from the Hincapie and Globalbike teams who each had two riders in our group. Instead, Mike went off solo, and the Hincapie riders decided to bring him back slowly. There was an immediate counter attack, but the group was right on it and everything was together going into the last steep hill before the finish.

Again, Mike set a fast pace on the climb. Then about halfway up, one of the Hincapie riders attacked but didn’t make it very far with Mike bringing him back and leading the rest of the way up the climb. Towards the top with less than 500 meters to go to the finish (including a downhill), Mike attacked again to start the sprint. He got a bit of a gap, but Edison Turner (Hincapie Devo) was able to grab his wheel with me just behind. Then with 200 meters to go, Edison and I both came around Mike and then I immediately tried to come around Edison – but he gave it that extra little kick and I couldn’t come around so I finished 3rd with Brendan grabbing 4th and Mike 5th.

2011 Tour of Atlanta Burnt Mountain road race

And finally, here is the Strava data on the race … I was hoping to knock off Spencer Gaddy’s fast time on the Burnt Mountain climb from last year’s race, but alas it didn’t happen. Here is the link to the strava page with all the ride statistics –

Strava data from the Burnt Mountain race

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Tour of Atlanta preride

Tour of Atlanta, Burnt Mountain road race tomorrow. We drove in from Birmingham today, and I headed out for a loop of the course while the kids went swimming with Kristine at the hotel pool. Even though the race starts early, it’s going to be a hot, humid race if it’s anything like my pre-ride today. The entire course has steep rollers leading to the one big climb up Burnt Mountain. We’re doing three laps of the course, so I’m thinking total elevation gain could be close to 10,000′. Check out the pictures that I took during the ride … hover over each one for a caption.

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Injury update and progress

I’ve been making great progress on my recovery this week. As you can see from the videos below, I am able to ride short distances with one arm. I’ve included a bunch of photos if you click the “Read more…” link if you are viewing this on my blog home page. If you are viewing it on the direct link to the post, then you should already see all the photos below. Some might be kinda gross so you are forewarned!


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Athens Twilight and Roswell Criterium race reports

Last night when we finally made it back to Birmingham, I couldn’t sleep so I went ahead and analyzed and posted my power and heartrate data. Here are my race reports:

2011 Athens Twilight Summary
Pat Allison and I were the two Tria riders in the race. Pat started at the back of the front group, and I started near the front of the back group, so we ended up starting not too far apart. I was lucky because the guy in front and to the left of me couldn’t clip in which opened up a whole in front of him that allowed me to pass a bunch of people right from the line. I was able to then work my way towards the front by about 20 laps into the race. Pat was just behind me when there was a crash in turn 1. I hit the rider who was on the ground in front of me and flipped up in the air. I came down onto my hand, chin, and knee. I blew out my front tire when I collided with the rider, so I was put back into the race with a new front wheel. Pat also got caught up in the crash. When we got placed back in, Pat went in a lap earlier than me towards the back of the group. I went in a lap later after the mechanics had changed out my flat wheel and gotten my shifters straightened out. They put me back in towards the front 1/3rd of the group. My wrist was really sore, but I was still able to pull up on the handlebars hard enough on the backside hill and fight for position towards the front of the field. I felt great and was always able to pass riders over the top of the backside hill. With 10 laps to go, there was a $100 prime, and as soon as I saw that nobody was sprinting for the prime, I attacked hard up the left side clearing the UHC train just in time to take the prime. I had a lot of momentum, so I went ahead and rolled off the front and stayed away until the top of the hill on the backside of the course. Then I fought hard for position and ended up 26th. Pat used a lot of energy moving back up after getting put back into the race and was still able to fight to finish 47th.

It is so hard to describe the atmosphere surrounding this race, you have to be there and experience it to really appreciate what it is like. With Chad Andrews announcing the race and getting everybody pumped up and over 30,000 people lining the streets, beer gardens, parking decks, hotels, loft windows, bar/restaurant open air second levels all screaming and cheering added to a race that averages 30mph all under the lights, it is easily the biggest adrenaline rush of the entire season. This year’s race was super smooth except for the one crash in turn #1 that unfortunately was just ahead of me. It was definitely the highest average speed for me. My friends Ashley and Stephen from Birmingham (who both graduated from UGA) drove up from Birmingham to watch the race! How cool is that! It was awesome to hear people all the way around the course cheering for me and for my teammate Pat. Thank you everyone!!!! I always tell people that if there is one race of the year to see what fast criterium racing is all about, it would be the Athens Twilight race.

Here are some videos and pics that my wife took:

Just after finishing – evidence of crash – landing on someone else’s chainring

Picture sent to the kids before the race. They loved it! The kids were staying with the Luncefords who have graciously hosted us every year for the past 4 years! The kids and us look forward to Twilight every year to enjoy the weekend together.

2011 Roswell Criterium Summary
This is normally a safe Pro/1/2 race, but this year there were numerous crashes. I was involved in two of them, and also broke a spoke on Turn #4. That meant that I was in the pit three times during the first half of the race. The first crash that I was in could be described as a fender bender with me running into the back end of the crash. I was able to clip out and catch myself before falling. The second crash was in the exact same spot with riders getting tangled up in front of me on the outside of Turn #2. Neither of them went down, but when they tried to untangle themselves one of them swerved right into me and took me straight into the barriers. My bike stopped for a moment, and I kept going forward flipping through the air. As soon as I knew I was ejected off the bike, I tucked up into a ball and fortunately landed partially on the air cushion that was being used as a barrier. My bike then continued on past me as my rear derailleur had gotten tangled up with somebody else’s bike. I had to walk forward to retrieve my bike. My rear derailleur was really bent, so when I made it back to the pit I was able to get a SRAM neutral bike to restart the race. With about 35 minutes left to go in the race, there was a nasty crash towards the top of the backside hill. It was a Tour de France style crash with the peloton bunched up together and riders in the middle getting tangled up and then taking down everyone near them blocking the entire road. The spectators moved the barriers to help the riders in the back (including me) get around, but when we made it back to the start/finish, the race had been neutralized with an ambulance on the course. I was pretty shaken up from my crash earlier in the race and after not being able to move very far up, I drifted towards the back where I proceeded to cramp up with a lap to go and eased up to cross the finish line behind the main field. There was another crash on the last turn in the last lap, but I was so far back I didn’t see what happened. I just saw riders picking themselves up off the ground after it was over.

Here is a video that my wife took early on in the race: (Look how big the field is!!! I guess that might explain why there were so many crashes)

Also, here are couple good pics that Dave Gearhart got of me in the pit at Roswell…

After breaking spoke, mechanic bends derailleur back into place and gives me a new rear wheel.

Mechanic helps push me up the hill back into the peloton. This was painful pulling on the bars with sore wrist. I definitely appreciated the help!!!

Power and heartrate data from Athens and Roswell

Here are my Athens Twilight lap split times from Strava:

Name 		MI 	FT 	MPH 	PW 	HR 	Time 
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	12.3	64	110	0:03:03
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	26.2	371	166	0:01:26
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	454	178	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	433	179	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	510	180	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	31.8	461	177	0:01:11
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	463	177	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	31.3	528	181	0:01:12
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	32.2	511	181	0:01:10
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	429	181	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	440	181	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.5	468	183	0:01:22
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	32.2	503	183	0:01:10
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	466	181	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.5	395	183	0:01:22
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	472	180	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	389	182	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	457	181	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.9	451	182	0:01:13
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	443	182	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	32.2	476	181	0:01:10
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	470	180	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.8	21	6.2	204	164	0:06:03
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.9	446	179	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	468	180	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.9	470	179	0:01:13
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	473	181	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.9	414	178	0:01:13
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	471	179	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	461	181	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	438	181	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	451	181	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	479	179	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	438	185	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	449	177	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	491	181	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.7	21	29.7	436	180	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	348	175	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	32.2	412	178	0:01:10
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.2	454	178	0:01:20
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	375	173	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	466	173	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	450	176	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.5	431	176	0:01:22
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.9	363	175	0:01:21
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.1	413	179	0:01:15
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	445	179	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.9	400	176	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.6	368	171	0:01:19
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	383	167	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.2	364	168	0:01:23
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	410	173	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.9	367	173	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.6	402	169	0:01:19
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	400	169	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	458	173	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.9	409	175	0:01:13
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	406	174	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	27.5	394	174	0:01:22
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	456	176	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	31.3	417	174	0:01:12
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.9	453	175	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	487	176	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	443	175	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.2	407	176	0:01:20
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.9	413	176	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.6	409	186	0:01:19
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	413	179	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.3	456	178	0:01:17
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	28.6	379	178	0:01:19
Athens (1 lap) 	0.7	21	28.9	408	177	0:01:18
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	29.7	405	177	0:01:16
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	31.3	431	181	0:01:12
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.5	457	183	0:01:14
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	30.9	510	185	0:01:13
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	33.2	545	187	0:01:08
Athens (1 lap) 	0.6	21	2.6	72	137	0:14:16

And here are my Roswell lap split times from Strava:

Name 		MI 	FT 	MPH 	PW 	HR 	Time 
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	26.6	367	155	0:02:05
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.9	429	166	0:01:59
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.7	472	169	0:01:52
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	30.2	470	171	0:01:50
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	13.9	388	166	0:03:59
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.7	448	168	0:01:52
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.7	426	166	0:02:00
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.1	427	170	0:01:54
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.9	463	172	0:01:55
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	13.8	176	151	0:04:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27	394	165	0:02:03
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.5	406	167	0:02:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	26.6	385	168	0:02:05
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.5	400	171	0:02:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.1	420	171	0:01:58
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.4	437	174	0:01:53
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.1	475	172	0:01:54
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.1	411	169	0:01:58
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.9	409	168	0:01:55
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	9.2	197	152	0:06:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.7	434	163	0:02:00
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.6	481	172	0:01:56
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.9	448	171	0:01:55
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	12.2	192	153	0:04:33
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	26.6	390	156	0:02:05
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.7	487	169	0:01:52
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	26.8	363	171	0:02:04
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.5	454	171	0:02:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.1	432	170	0:01:58
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	28.6	483	169	0:01:56
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	26.6	410	168	0:02:05
Roswell(1 lap) 	1	22	27.5	492	169	0:02:01
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.9	444	171	0:01:59
Roswell(1 lap) 	1	22	29.1	452	168	0:01:54
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.2	419	166	0:02:02
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27	417	168	0:02:03
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.7	463	175	0:02:00
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.1	449	168	0:01:54
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	29.9	514	168	0:01:51
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	27.2	413	165	0:02:02
Roswell(1 lap) 	0.9	22	21.7	208	148	0:02:33

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Barbers Ride to Live Race Reports

Wow, what a great day! This picture about says it all. My teammate Pat Allison won the Pro/1/2/3 race, and I managed to hold on for 3rd after putting in an attack on the last hill. Travis Sherman rode strong to finish 2nd after having won the Masters 30+ race earlier in the day.

Before I go into the details from the races, here is a quick summary. We fielded large teams for both the Masters 30+ race and the Pro/1/2/3 race. My teammate Wes Douglas made it into an early break with Joe Ruf from Madison and Travis Sherman (Marx and Bensdorf). Wes eventually took third with Travis taking the win. I attacked with two laps to go and then broke away from our chase group to take 4th.

For the Pro/1/2/3 race, we took 1st (Pat Allison), 3rd (Me), 6th (Terry Duran), 7th (Stuart Lamp), and 9th (Darryl Seelhorst). Pat and I bridged up to the winning break on the 2nd lap, and for a while we had five guys in the break. Eventually we finished with 3 guys in the break working our numbers perfectly to get the win!

The details – Masters 30+
For the Masters 30+ race, we lined up with six guys and were aggressive throughout the race. Wes made it into the day’s winning breakaway with Travis and Joe from Madison. Once their break was established, I decided to sit in and mark the strong guys to get the free ride across if they attacked. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much attacking so we lost our advantage in numbers as Wes was on his own to battle it out with Travis and Joe. With three laps to go, one of the Pacesetter Steel riders attacked hard, and I covered it. But the pack was still fresh enough to reel us back in. Then with two laps to go, I drifted to the back and then attacked into the headwind after the first turn. I bridged to another Pacesetter Steel rider who was already off the front bringing Will Hibberts (Alabama Masters) and Travis Werts (Sonic) with me. We worked together for a lap, but then I was feeling that our pace wasn’t fast enough so I attacked again on the last lap. Only Travis Werts was able to come with me and then came off on the last hill. So I rolled in for fourth. Sammy did well in the field sprint for 10th.

2011 Barbers Masters 30+ heartrate summary

2011 Barbers Masters 30+ heartrate data

The details – Pro/1/2/3
We had eleven guys line up for the start of this race. I think that is the most riders we have ever had in one race! We raced this race pretty much to perfection as we were attacking and covering everything. I countered one of Stuart’s attacks at the end of the first lap and only managed to string out the field. Coming through the start/finish, there was a counter attack to my attack and we had 3 guys cover the move — Terry, Darryl, and Paul. Also in the break were Travis Werts, Travis Sherman, and Joe Ruf from Madison. The break was working well together and starting to establish itself. Meanwhile, back in the group we took turns covering moves.

Towards the end of the second lap, Ed Whitehorn (Velocity Pro Cycles) attacked and Pat covered it. They got a good gap right away and we were on the most difficult part of the course, so I decided to bridge across to it. I got away cleanly from the field and as I came up to Pat, I yelled “Let’s go!”. Pat thought the entire field was still there so I went flying right by. As soon as Pat realized that we had a good gap, he attacked the small group he was in and bridged back up to me. So the two of us were away. We caught up to the break into the strong headwind after turn 1. We came up fast and tried to rally the troops, but some of the guys in the break were already struggling when we tried to ramp up the pace. The end result was that we lost one of our own riders (Darryl) from the break and disrupted the rhythm of the break temporarily. It was a tricky situation because we did ramp the pace up quite a bit, which we definitely needed to do in order to get enough of a gap before the corkscrew downhill where the pack would make up some time on us if they were chasing hard.

Within half a lap, though, we had settled in and started a good rotation and had started to put some good time into the field. We continued at a blistering pace working well together all the way until just before the start of the last lap. Travis Sherman knew that we would begin attacking so he decided to jump the gun and put in his own attack possibly to see if he could reduce the odds against him. Pat led the charge and chased Travis down as the rest of us strung out behind. Travis attacked again before the corkscrew. Then coming into the headwind after the cork screw, my teammate Terry Duran put in a perfect attack because it forced Travis to chase. We caught Terry at the base of the final hill, so I put in a counter attack right away. I was pretty much dying by this point so I wasn’t going that much faster but it was enough to get a gap to force Travis to chase again with Pat sitting on his wheel. Coming down the finishing stretch, Travis closed the gap to me and came around, but Pat was waiting and came around easily taking the sprint by several bike lengths. My initial attack had given us enough of a gap that I was able to hold on for third with Travis Werts charging hard for fourth followed by Joe Ruf and Terry.

Kristine told me after the race that Tria was all over everything back in the field, covering every single move that tried to get away from the group. At the end of the race, Stuart attacked on the last hill and was able to stay away for 7th place with Jan Kolar just behind. Then Darryl won the field sprint for 9th. So that’s about it, what a great race!

Coming off the last turn into the finishing straight, still with a small gap. Travis still chasing. Photo by Alan Laytham

Travis Sherman finishes closing the gap to me with Pat waiting to take the sprint. Photo by Alan Laytham

Pat Allison takes the win followed by Travis and me. Photo by Monika Duran

2011 Barbers ride to live pro/1/2/3 heartrate summary

2011 Barbers ride to live pro/1/2/3 heartrate data

Here are some videos from the Pro/1/2/3 race courtesy Kristine.

I ran out of battery on my iBike because I had left it running in between races and forgot my iPhone charger so for power data, I only have the first three laps of the Pro/1/2/3 race. I have annotated the attack as follows – 1) My initial attack 2) Waiting for Pat after he attacked to bridge back up to me 3) Finishing the bridge together to the group (400w min through here)

2011 Barbers ride to live pro/1/2/3 iBike power data

Pro/1/2/3 first three laps
Dist:        7.87 mi (0:18:16)
Energy:     329.7 kJ
Cals Burn:  315.2 kcal
Climbing:     248 ft
Braking:      0.0 kJ (0.0%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  300.8   924  W
Aero        0  152.6   564  W
Rolling    16   47.2    72  W
Gravity -1287    4.3   754  W
Speed     8.6   25.9  39.6  mi/h
Wind      0.0   18.2  34.0  mi/h
Elev      353    386   416  ft
Slope   -10.0   0.05   9.9  %
Caden       9   82.7   106  rpm
HR        118  174.3   192  bpm
NP 344 W; IF 1.148; TSS 40.1
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0055
168 lbs; 4/23/2011 1:27 PM
88 degF; 1013 mbar

Our entire bridge took just over 1.5 minutes and here are the stats on it:

---------Selection Stats---------
Dist:        0.75 mi (0:01:35)
Energy:      44.2 kJ
Cals Burn:   42.3 kcal
Climbing:      17 ft
Braking:      0.0 kJ (0.0%)
          Min   Avg    Max
Power       0  465.7   893  W
Aero        0  247.7   564  W
Rolling    34   52.0    65  W
Gravity  -647   29.7   706  W
Speed    18.8   28.5  35.3  mi/h
Wind      8.7   21.6  31.6  mi/h
Elev      388    397   409  ft
Slope    -6.5   0.31   9.7  %
Caden      63   84.7    99  rpm
HR        165  182.3   190  bpm
NP 437 W; IF 1.456; TSS 5.6
CdA: 0.342 m^2; Crr: 0.0055
168 lbs; 4/23/2011 1:36 PM
88 degF; 1013 mbar

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Mississippi Gran Prix Race Report

Quick summary – I had to miss this race last year, but I was reminded again this year of how lucky we are to have such an amazing stage race within a few hours drive of Birmingham. This race is an amateur only stage race, meaning that the overall winner is determined by the cumulative time from all of the individual stages – just like the Tour de France. But this race is only open to Category 1, 2, and 3 amateurs. Tria Cycling p/b Infinity Med-I-Spa and had a great weekend as summarized below:

Friday downtown criterium: 2nd Pat Allison, 3rd Brian Toone
Saturday road race: 3rd Pat Allison, 5th Brian Toone
Sunday circuit race: 3rd Pat Allison, 4th Brian Toone
Stage race overall: 3rd Pat Allison, 7th Brian Toone, 17th Justin Bynum

Another teammate, Mike Lackey, raced with us and was a strong workhorse all weekend sacrificing his chances at the overall to help cover moves throughout the weekend.

The details

Our weekend started out with very high heart rates, but it wasn’t just from the race. On our drive over from Birmingham, we had to dodge several tornadic storms that seemed to be following the interstate. We were driving through Meridian when it was under a tornado warning, and I snapped this picture.

Downtown Meridian wall/shelf cloud (Tornadic storm #1)

We were so focused on this storm that we didn’t see the other tornado that was much more of a threat to us. We made it past this second storm JUST in time. The map below this second photo shows our route (in green) and where these two pictures were approximately taken from.

Tornadic storm #2, we didn’t even see this one until we were almost in it!

The tornado map and our path (shown in green). We were in downtown Meridian while the tornado sirens were going off. We were VERY lucky, but there were many people — even some on the same interstate as us, that weren’t so lucky.

Friday night downtown Brookhaven criterium
By the time we made it to Brookhaven, the weather had completely cleared out, and the Friday night block party / activities / fun zones / entertainment was just getting under way. I have got to figure out a way to convince Kristine to come down with the kids next year. Plus there were three trains that passed within 50 meters of where we parked. Josiah would love to see those trains going right through the middle of town!

One of the great things about this crit is that the Cat 1/2/3 field is the only field racing on Friday night so you can do your entire warm-up on the course for over an hour on blocked off streets. I was a little slow getting everything together, so I only had about 45 minutes to warm-up, but that was more than enough time to ride nearly 15 miles of warm-up on the course! Almost everyone was warming up on the course so it was great to chat with riders from the other teams during the warm-up. We had four riders representing Tria Cycling. Herring Gas and Marx and Bensdorf had really large teams (about 8 riders each). Team La’Sport had a small but very strong team with the defending champ, Matt Davis, and super-domestique Russ Walker. S3 Racing, Sigma, and Tiger Cycling Foundation all had teams with about 3 or 4 riders each. In all, there were 41 people that lined up to start the criterium.

After a color guard ceremony by local firefighters including the national anthem that wasn’t quite finished when the third train of the night passed through within 50 meters of the start, we were off! And we were off fast! I clipped in first and made it to the first corner first, but having learned my lesson this year from both Tuscaloosa and Dothan, it is better to let someone else put in the first attack. So I let up a bit and got passed by a few riders before digging in to maintain my position near the front of the pack. On the third lap, I was sitting in maybe 10th position when I saw Matt Davis (Team La’Sport) and a Herring Gas rider (Bain Foote) attacking from near the front going into the only lefthand corner on the classic six corner course (Turn #4). I had to wait just a second for somebody to move out of the way, but once the lane was clear, I shot up the lefthand side between turns 4 and 5 and then latched onto the two-man break before turn #6. We had a couple second gap and absolutely buried it (the average speed for Laps #4 and #5 was 29.5mph).

Meanwhile, back in the field, my teammate Pat Allison began covering moves and made it into a two-man chase group. When those two guys ran out of steam, he attacked and finished the bridge solo up to our break. We kept the pace super high, but two more Herring Gas riders (Frank Moak and Tim Reagan) and Bryant Funston (Marx and Bensdorf) and an independent rider were able to bridge up to us bringing our break up to a total of 8 riders. The independent rider fell off after a few laps (probably exhausted from completing the bridge up to us!). The seven of us established a pretty good rhythm and flew through the entire course.

One disruption came when they called a $50 prime. I was feeling very good so I attacked going into Turn 3 and was able to hold it all the way to the line to claim the $50. Matt Davis got a gap chasing me, and the two of us tried to get away, but the three riders from Herring Gas were able to pull us back in after a lap. For the next 10 laps, we worked well together. I felt like several riders were struggling so I wanted to attack to see if we could get a secondary break going. Pat gave me a leadout from the back of the group through turn 6 into the start/finish area, but as I came off of Pat’s wheel to attack, my left foot cramped behind my toes. So here I was trying to attack and trying to calm down the cramp at the same time while surprising no one! So even in the moment of all this happening, I chuckled thinking how comical it must have appeared. By this point, our break was getting closer to lapping the field and despite my foiled attack, we continued to rotate and fly through the course.

When we got within a corner of the pack, I attacked again to bridge up to the group. I was hoping that in the chaos of lapping the field, that we would have a better shot at winning the race. As soon as we caught the field, I found myself on Pat’s wheel, and he wisely moved all the way through the group to the front. By this point there were only two laps to go. Just as we made it up to the front of the group, we could hear a crash happen in Turn #2 behind us. We were ahead of the crash, so we made it safely through. With one lap to go, Matt Davis’s teammate Russ Walker got to the front and drilled it for the entire lap. This worked out great for us because we didn’t have to fight for position since it was single file and we were lined up right behind Matt, but Russ had done such a fast leadout and Matt launched such a strong kick that none of us could come around anyone so we finished in that order. Bain came up the right side and almost caught me at the line, but I held on for third with a photo finish bike throw.

Check out that average speed! 27.4mph. NOTE – this is only 0.1 mph slower than Sunny King, but my average heartrate was 7 beats higher in Sunny King. The reason is because we bunched up so much in turns 3 and 4 in the Sunny King crit, whereas in the breakaway in this race we flew through the entire course without touching the brakes at all!

2011 Mississippi Gran Prix Friday criterium heartrate data

Saturday road race
This was a great race for our team with Pat Allison making it into the winning breakaway and securing a position on the overall stage race podium. And I got to rest easy in the pack and save up for the field sprint, which I won by a lot. There isn’t a lot to report about the race, other than that it was windy with a headwind through the start/finish stretch and a tailwind on the backside of the course. There were lots of attacks, but there were also lots of strong riders able to bring back each one. My teammate, Justin Bynum, made it into a great move with Ben Gabardi (Herring Gas) on the third lap. The two of them got a good gap on the field forcing other teams to set tempo at the front to real them back in. The two of them were away for quite a while. By the start of the final lap, we had caught the break, and I realized that there was pretty much no way that both Pat and I were going to be able to make it into a break together. When I saw Matt attack again with Bain right on him, I yelled up to Pat who was in much better position than me to go with it. He did, and I stayed back which meant that both Team La’Sport and Herring Gas were happy to let the break get away from the field. Travis Sherman from Marx and Bensdorf was already up the road and latched onto the break when it came by, so they too, weren’t going to chase. The other teams in the race (S3, Sigma, and TCF) chased and kept the break very close for a while, but eventually the elastic broke and nobody was left to chase. I realized that Travis would be passing me in the overall if the break got too far up the road, so I went to the front and tried to set tempo. Eventually, I realized it was hopeless and that it would be better to go for the field sprint than to try to conserve one spot on GC. So I stopped working and just sat near the front waiting for the field sprint. The field sprint came, and I rode wheels navigating through a tight bunch sprint. The uphill drag though really favored me, and I won it by a lot. Meanwhile, in the break up front, Matt eventually took the sprint win followed closely by Bain, Pat, and Travis in that order.

2011 MSGP Saturday road race hr summary

2011 MSGP Saturday road race heartrate data

Saturday evening time trial
The time trial was the start of the race within a race. Three guys battled for the podium spots (Matt, Pat, and Bain), while Frank, Tim, and I battled for fifth place. Travis had fourth place locked up after the road race. The time trial course was the new three mile course from last year. Since I missed last year, this was my first year to race it, and it was awesome. The course was rolling, fast, and into a headwind. I pushed the pace as hard as I could riding Eddy Mercx style, but ended up sliding behind Frank and Tim in the overall. Pat raced a strong time trial, but slid back to third pace overall after Bain won the time trial with a blistering 6’01″ (nearly 30mph). A couple things to note in my heartrate data – I averaged 168bpm for 6’40″, whereas at the Sunny King race, I averaged 181bpm for nearly 90 minutes. Obviously, the fact that we had raced a long road race in the morning would impact my TT heartrate, but there has to be something else too – any suggestions out there??

2011 MSGP Saturday time trial hr summary

2011 MSGP Saturday time trial heartrate data

The best part of the time trial, though, was trying out our new “bib skinsuits”. All three of us in the picture raced this way, whereas Mike was the only one of us who had a real skinsuit and raced that instead.

Sunday morning circuit race
Due to a scheduling conflict at the technical college where the circuit race is normally held, the circuit race was held on a 6.5 mile loop around Lake Lincoln State Park. The course was a great course pretty much constantly rolling with sections of rough pavement and sections of good pavement. The finish was a long gradual drag leading to a steep final 200m uphill kick to the line. At the start of the race, Matt Davis was in lead over Bain Foote by 7 seconds. Pat trailed Bain by 32 seconds. Meanwhile, Frank held the fifth spot 7 seconds ahead of his teammate Tim who himself was 3 seconds ahead of me. With a maximum of 16 seconds of time bonuses available, the time bonuses could help me move up in the GC. It wasn’t to be, though, and with a good uphill finish, Pat and I were able to take 3rd and 4th in the final sprint just behind Ben Gabardi and Matt Davis.

2011 MSGP Sunday circuit race summary

2011 MSGP Sunday circuit race heartrate data

The weekend was a great weekend of racing. Pat Allison had his best result ever in a stage race, and we all worked really well together in the team. Check out his excellent recap of the weekend. I’m SO excited for the rest of the season and know that we are going to take home many more wins before the season is done! Happy cycling everyone!

Strava data
Check out my Strava data for all four races, including my lap split times for the crit. Also, the MSGP capped off another 400+ mile week for me this season. I’d like to give a shout-out to Sport Legs and compression socks (aka leg warmers) for helping me with amazing recovery this season. Now it’s time to taper a bit before Athens Twilight – maybe 350 miles this week and then 300 for the week ending with Roswell.

Friday night criterium –
Saturday AM road race –
Saturday PM time trial –
Sunday circuit race –

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