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Tour of Elk Grove video

I just found this blog online with video from Saturday’s race. I met John right after the race as he was parked right next to us on the street. It’s pretty impressive how he moved from the back all the way to the front pretty much straight through the middle of the pack. You can see when he passes me at minute 1:28 of the video. I’m on his right a couple riders over. Then you can see me again when I pass him at the finish line to take 15th place with John coming in two spots behind me for 17th. The video sure makes it look easier than what it really was!!!

Tour of Elk Grove – Stage 2 Power and Heartrate

Summary for the weekend: 15th place (Stage 1), 18th place (Stage 2), 17th place overall for the GC. The top 8 places on GC were people who had gotten any time bonuses at all for either stage and then the rest of us were tied for time so they broke the ties by adding your placings together from the two days.

Stage 2 was an 80k criterium (50 miles) on a longish course (1.7 miles) with a sharp 180 degree turn at one end, and yet we still averaged close to 27.5 mph for the race just like Saturday’s race. Saturday’s race (stage 1) was also 80k, but was run on a longer version of the same course by extending our route on Elk Grove Blvd before making a 180 degree turn at a different intersection.

I was much more active in this race considering how fresh I felt at the end of Saturday’s race, and nearly grabbed a $200 prime. I was also in several failed breaks, including one that lasted for a lap and a half or so. I fought hard for good position at the end of the race, attacking up the side anytime I moved back farther than the top 10. Unfortunately, I ran out of water with 4 laps (6.8 miles) to go and I had been rationing water even before running out. I was fine until the last lap when I started to cramp. I had to coast at a couple critical moments and try to relax as best as I could and that cost me a few places. Still, the cramp never fully materialized so I was able to ramp it up for the sprint. I had a bit of a lucky break as a rider nearly fell about 10 riders in front of me when he somehow unclipped from both pedals and was sitting on his top bar. Everybody (including me) thought he was going to go down and most people went around him on the left but this opened a clear shot at the line for me by passing him on the right and I was able to take back 5-10 spots to put me into the top 20 for the sprint.

Here is my power and heartrate data for the second stage of the two-stage race.

2008 Tour of Elk Grove, Stage 2

2008 Tour of Elk Grove, Stage 2

  1. First prime that I went for – a time bonus sprint where I got 5th. I was also recovered enough to go with a break that launched itself after the sprint, but we only survived half a lap
  2. First of three break attempts, either initiated or bridged to
  3. Second of three break attempts
  4. Third of three break attempts – the $500 half-race prime – went with a counter move that lasted a little less than a lap
  5. This is the $200 prime I almost got. Attacked before the first of the four finishing corners to bridge to two guys already up the road. I caught them with 500 meters to go and blew right by them as they eyed each other. Unfortunately, Luke Servedio (Krystal) had also attacked the peloton in the finishing straight (after all the corners) so he was fresh enough to catch me 50 meters from the line. So close!
  6. The finishing laps

And here is the graph for the last lap. Check out the average power for the last lap: 414 watts for 3.5 minutes with an average speed of 29 and a max speed of 39.3 on this table-top flat course.

2008 Tour of Elk Grove, Stage 2 - Last Lap

2008 Tour of Elk Grove, Stage 2 - Last Lap

  1. The 180 degree turn near the beginning of the last lap
  2. The first of the four finishing corners
  3. The second corner
  4. The third corner
  5. The fourth corner
  6. Coasting for a second and deciding which way to go around the guy who looked like he was about to fall

Finally, here are the power and heart rate summary statistics for the race.

Duration 1:49:40
Sampling Rate 5 s
Cycling Efficiency 25.8 %

Energy Expenditure 755 kcal
Minimum Heart Rate 109 bpm
Average Heart Rate 163 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 188 bpm
Standard Deviation 9.4 bpm

Minimum Speed 8.5 mph
Average Speed 27.3 mph
Maximum Speed 39.3 mph
Distance 49.8 miles
Odometer 1855 miles

Minimum Cadence 31 rpm
Average Cadence 87 rpm
Maximum Cadence 118 rpm
Coasting Time 0:04:15 (3.9 %)
Coasting Distance 1.5 miles (3.0 %)

Minimum Altitude 522 ft
Average Altitude 558 ft
Maximum Altitude 587 ft
Ascent 33 ft
VAM 18 ft/h

Minimum Power 13 Watts
Average Power 309 Watts
Average Power (0 W incl.) 289 Watts
Maximum Power 891 Watts
Pedaling Index Average 19 %
Pedaling Index Maximum 89 %
Left Right Balance Average L53 – 47R Left – Right
Left Right Balance Maximum L92 – 8R Left – Right

Tour of Elk Grove – 1/2 Stage 1 Power/Heartrate data

Some interesting statistics from the race yesterday:

Data Value Unit
Duration 1:46:55
Sampling Rate 5 s
Cycling Efficiency 24.9 %

Number of Heart Beats 17655 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 115 bpm
Average Heart Rate 165 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 189 bpm
Standard Deviation 8.8 bpm

Minimum Speed 12.1 mph
Average Speed 27.6 mph
Maximum Speed 38.7 mph
Distance 49.1 miles
Odometer 1798 miles

Minimum Cadence 38 rpm
Average Cadence 86 rpm
Maximum Cadence 116 rpm
Coasting Time 0:04:00 (3.7 %)
Coasting Distance 1.5 miles (3.0 %)

Minimum Altitude 505 ft
Average Altitude 522 ft
Maximum Altitude 538 ft
Ascent 49 ft
Descent 102 ft
VAM 27 ft/h

Minimum Power 5 Watts
Average Power 315 Watts
Average Power (0 W incl.) 295 Watts
Maximum Power 850 Watts
Pedaling Index Average 19 %
Pedaling Index Maximum 49 %
Left Right Balance Average L53 – 47R Left – Right
Left Right Balance Maximum L89 – 11R Left – Right

Here’s the graph of the data:

2008 Tour of Elk Grove Stage 1

2008 Tour of Elk Grove Stage 1

  1. Attacking to bridge to a small (short-lived) break
  2. One lap before they called the $500 halfway prime, I went with one of the best looking breaks of the day. We stayed away for almost two laps getting caught right at the prime sprint. I was still fresh enough to go with the counter-move but that didn’t last very long.
  3. Working hard to keep position at the end of the race leading into the final sprint.

Here is the data for the finishing sprint:

2008 Tour of Elk Grove - Stage 1 Finishing Sprint

2008 Tour of Elk Grove - Stage 1 Finishing Sprint

  1. The first of the four finishing corners
  2. The second corner
  3. The third corner
  4. The fourth corner
  5. The final sprint

Tour of Elk Grove – 1/2 Stage Race

Quick summary: 15th place, 101 starters, 86 finishers.
The details: Fast, flat race with lots of crashes. I was in a couple of ill-fated moves, and it certainly looked like we were heading for a field sprint. I fought for good position most of the race but somehow managed to be at the wrong place for all the time bonus sprints and primes. Towards the last two laps, I made sure to attack up the side any time the pace slowed just to keep my position in the group. Also in the last two laps a move got away right after a $500 prime. I was in the front and watched it go thinking there was no way it would stay away — well, it must have had just the right composition because the field didn’t chase right away and the group of four just barely managed to stay away to the end. Meanwhile, back in the pack I was fighting for position and attacked hard up the right-hand side just as there was a surge. We reached the technical part of the course (four 90 degree turns in a row) and the pace was close to 30 mph going into the first corner, accelerated hard out of each corner but still lost some positions in each of the corners so that I had slid back into maybe the top 20 or 25. Coming out of the last corner, I jumped as hard as I could and was making up some ground on the lefthand side in the sprint when the main body of the sprint moved left and the lefthand curb appeared to move to the right (maybe not but that’s what it felt like). The sprint was very umm physical with bouncing and bumping – 50 meters from the line, I got hit from the left and from the right at the same time but luckily we all stayed upright and I came across the line 11th in the sprint, 15th for the race (with the 4 guys from the break finishing just ahead of the sprint). Ok, too tired to post any more tonight, but I’ll upload power/heart rate data tomorrow.

Tour of Elk Grove – Stage 1

This was a pro-only stage, so I didn’t race today. Still, I drove part of the way to Elk Grove and then biked the rest of the way so that I could watch a few of the pros and warm up the legs. I was very surprised by the roads (much better condition and much less traffic than I was expecting). This really is a beautiful part of Chicago. I was really surprised, beautiful roads and land out here just west of the Chicago O’Hare airport. Here’s a map of the route I took:

Biking in the western Chicago suburbs

Biking in the western Chicago suburbs

The pros were racing a 4.5 mile prologue time trial that overlapped with part of the circuit race course that I’ll be racing tomorrow. Fast and flat, the results showed a lot of people including Matt Winstead, within 20 seconds of the lead. Check out the results.